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4A zeolite can substitute for sodium tripolyphosphate

In surfactant to people's lives, industrial and agricultural production to bring great convenience, but also to our environmental pollution. This is a worldwide problem, particularly in China should attach importance to address the quality of our relations to be taking the path of sustainable development issues,According to the parties concerned, China's political arena, such as the Huaihe River, Liaohe River, Songhua River and Chaohu, Taihu, Dianchi Lake water pollution have a direct impact on people's lives. Which has proven to be polluted Dianchi Lake as residents of large-scale use of phosphorus-containing detergent caused serious water eutrophication, crystal clear waters of the lake water has become black, Faxiu,STPP (Na5P3O10) is commonly used detergents help lotion, it can and calcium, magnesium, iron, and other water-soluble ions generated the complex, played the role of softened water, but also in the pH = 4.3 ~ 14 Within the framework of a strong buffer, pH value of mediation to ensure that washing effect. If it is not because of pollution, it is the ideal help lotion,To change this situation, the environmental protection departments have taken measures to restrict the phosphorus detergent production and sales. But the real solution still needs time, there are manufacturers with 4 A zeolite instead of STPP. So active agent and other additives should meet the development of environmental protection, human security and energy-saving requirements

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