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13X Molecular Sieve Powder

13X Molecular Sieve Powder is used in 13x molecular sieve finished products,which is used in Purification of air with air separation equipment,and separation of gas or liquid application.

The molecular sieve powder have the effective performances of adsorption and selectivity.We supply verious kind of Molecular sieve,such as type A,X,and Y crystal structure,and it is suitable with application of insulating glass desiccant,refrigerant desiccant

Huiying Chemical Industry (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd. has been actively involved in development and production of zeolite products for more than 19 years. We continue to provide verious kind of zeolite products for our customers.

Zeolites are widely used as catalysts in the refining of crude oil into finished petroleum products.Zeolites are also increasingly finding use in the production of petrochemicals, often replacing environmentally unfriendly catalysts. Unlike more hazardous acid catalysts that have been used in the past, zeolites are non-hazardous, regenerable, and non-corrosive. If you would like to learn more about 13X molecular sieve catalysts, pls contact with us.

Item Unit 13X MS POWDER
H2O Capacity % >=32
Bulk Density g/ml >=0.68
CO2 Capacity % >=22.5
Commutative rate %  
CL- %  
PH % <=11
Packing Capacity % <=23
Application Used in purification of air with air separation equipment,and separation of gas or liquid

Storage of 3A Molecular Sieve Powder:

The relative humidity is not more than 90% of the indoor humidity. This zeolite should be far away from water, acid and alkali. Air isolation and sealing is quite necessary for storage.

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